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You change the world -
We do the rest!

Dziuk | Wollwage Partnerschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB

Core competences


International tax consulting

In times of globalization, entrepreneurial contacts with foreign countries have become indispensable. We support you, if you as an entrepreneur, are confronted with unfamiliar tax requirements abroad and help investors to overcome tax hurdles during expansion.



Tax Consulting for Health Care Professionals

Rapid change, digitalization, quality assurance, data protection and other challenges - we support you, so you can still and above all remain a doctor!



Our expertise for your digital expansion

Digitization, Industry 4.0, Data Mining, Big Data - the digital world is constantly changing. And so are we.



Real Estate

For many years we have been advising real estate owners, architects, brokers, developers and real estate companies in all areas related to the acquisition, management and sale of real estate. Here, we not only support you in tax matters, but are also happy to take other business aspects into account.


Guiding principles

Tax and economic competence to the power of two.

Our aim is to find the economically optimal solution in every situation.


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